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Creativity is in my blood. Laughter. Honest words. Bare lyrics. Inspiration. Music. Ink. These are all parts of me and they are still emerging. I’m a warrior caught in a woman’s frame, a sorceress with words aflame, a temptress with a voice to own, a dance to the song you’ve never sung. Life is meant to be lived and I live it through my voice… in novels, in music, in photography, and in advocacy.


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I taught myself how to write, play guitar, and sing. I was an atrocious singer as a child. Family members let me know that much. Still to this day, I have to calm my beating heart as I step toward the mic to play. Music found me. Before I was born I danced in the womb and I’ve been dancing ever since. I was given my first guitar as a Christmas gift. Play, it said.

I dabbled with teaching myself guitar and writing songs throughout college but it was not until I tore cartilage in both my knees performing for a dance company in Oxford that I had the time to devote to teaching myself how to play. The inability to walk will do that to you. I’ve never had a guitar lesson. Thankfully, after doing a church solo at sixteen, God gave me the grace to sing better than I did as a child.


As a toddler I curled up in my mother’s lap. She read me stories and it wasn’t long before I took advantage of the opportunity to postpone bed time by reading to her. During vacations I had my nose in a book. Even now my favorite scent is a freshly printed spine. Writing found me. My fourth grade teacher’s words still ring in my ears, “You have potential to be a great writer someday.” Whether those words were prophetic or inspirational, I’ll never know. After publishing a mass of novels, there is still little else I can think of that I savor more than writing. Being named after Danielle Steel does have its advantages, I suppose. Maybe my destiny was written in my name... Or in my blood.

My paternal great-grandmother was a songwriter and poet. My mother was a photographer, poet, and explorer. My maternal grandfather was a guitarist. My paternal grandfather and father were painters. Countless family members took their hand in politics and law. I suppose that’s where I get my advocacy from. These are all pieces of me. Thank you for letting me share them. XOXO.

Love & blessings,


God displayed his power and might in the tall mountains and the roaring seas,
the strength of a mother’s love or in an eagle’s wings.”
- Sarah’s Secret- Book One in the Desert Sands Series.