Author, Singer, & Songwriter

Hi darlings,

Creativity is in my blood. Laughter. Honest words. Bare lyrics. Inspiration. Music. Ink. These are all parts of me and they are still emerging.  Life is meant to be lived and I live it through my voice… in novels, in music, and in advocacy.


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I taught myself how to write music, play guitar, and sing. Still to this day, I have to calm my beating heart as I step toward the mic to play. Music found me. Before I was born, I danced in the womb and I’ve been dancing ever since. Thankfully, after doing a church solo at sixteen, God gave me the grace to sing. I was given my first guitar as a Christmas gift. Play, it said.

I dabbled with teaching myself guitar and writing songs throughout college but it was not until I tore cartilage in both knees performing in my Oxford dance company that I had the time to teach myself how to play. The inability to walk will do that to you. That's just proof that good things can come from the bad.


As a toddler, I curled up in my mother’s lap. She read me stories and it wasn’t long before I took advantage of the opportunity to postpone bed time by reading to her. During vacations I had my nose in a book. Even now, my favorite scent is a freshly printed spine. Writing found me. My fourth grade teacher’s words still ring in my ears, “You have potential to be a great writer someday.” Whether those words were prophetic or inspirational, I’ll never know. After publishing a mass of novels, there is still little else I can think of that I savor more than writing. Being named after Danielle Steel does have its advantages, I suppose. Maybe my destiny was written in my name... Or in my blood.

My paternal great-grandmother was a songwriter and poet. My mother was a photographer, poet, and explorer. My maternal grandfather was a guitarist. Countless family members took their hand in politics and law. I suppose that’s where I get my advocacy from. These are all pieces of me. Thank you for letting me share them. XOXO.

Love & blessings,


"God displayed his power and might in the tall mountains and the roaring seas,
the strength of a mother’s love or in an eagle’s wings.”
- Sarah’s Secret- Book One in the Desert Sands Series.